Reference of resurfacing railway frogs & tramway curves

Proof of efficiency of our technology and RAIL HOPPER™ can also be found in ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s. (Ispat Nova Hut a.s.) - largest metallurgical organisation that has over 260 km of track and 1100 frogs with in its compound. Railway tracks and frogs in this company are exposed, round the clock, to very heavy load. From June 1997 when Ispat Nova Hut´ has purchased and started to use our RAIL HOPPER ™ they have, till date, resurfaced over four hundred damaged frogs. Using our system the management of Ispat Nova Hut´ has achieved significant savings of its funds and they have also succeeded to cut down its annual budget for repairs and maintenance.

In October 1999 in the frame-work of other resurfacing work ten railway frogs of a heavy duty track belonging to the Ostrava-Karvina Coal Mine authorities have been resurfaced at site (on track) in a place called Doubrava (Czech republic). On a regular basis the tracks bear enormous load and till date none of the inspections revealed no changes on the resurfaced areas.

Since October 1999 our RAIL HOPPER™ (system to resurface railway frogs and tram way crossings) and RAIL WALKER™ is purchased and used by the City Public Transport Authorities to repair crossings (frogs) and tram track curves in Ostrava (Czech republic). Till date over 1000 frogs and 6000 meters have been resurfaced at various places of its 160 km tramway track.

In June 2000 in co-operation with M/s. VAFET and Technical University of Budapest a trial section has been resurfaced in Budapest too. Our technology has been officially approved by the said university for its use to repair tram tracks and railway frogs in Hungary.

A RAIL HOPPER™ has been purchased in July 2000 and since then it is regularly used by the well-known company SECO-RAIL (in France) to carry out repairs of damaged / worn frogs / tramway crossings throughout France. Till date SECO-RAIL has also purchased five RAIL WALKER™ which they use not only in France but also in Brussels, Belgium on the basis of a five year job contract that SECO-RAIL has with the transport authorities of Brussels. SECO RAIL has also purchased one RAIL HOPPER™, which they use on a daily basis to resurface damaged tramway frogs and crossings.

In November 2001 a RAIL WALKER™ has been purchased by Stagecoach Supertram Maintenance Ltd . and since then it is used to repair damaged tramway curves and crossings in the city of Sheffield, Great Britain.

In september 2006 a RAIL HOPPER™ has been purchased by OOO PROMMECHTEX and since then it is used to resurface demaged tramway curves and frogs / crossings in the city of Krivoj Rog and Kyjev, Ukraine.

Reference - Contact Persons:

  • Dopravní podnik Ostrava City Public Transport Authority
    (Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s.)
    Mr. Miroslav Chlan, Chief of Repairs & Maintenance
    Phone: + 420-69-690 3337

  •  ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s. (Ispat Nova Hut´a.s.)
    Mr. Pavel Štěpánek , Deputy Technical Director
    Plant 5 – Transport
    Phone: + 420-69-568 6539

    Mr. Phillipe Zuliani, Director
    Dourges, France
    Phone: + 33-3-2108 6360

  •  Stagecoach Supertram Maintenance Ltd.
    Mr. Glenn Stocks, General Manager
    Sheffield, Great Britain
    Phone:+ 44-114 279 2522
    Boris Savin, Director
    ul. Dyshinskogo 13
    50008 Krivoj Rog, Ukraine
    Tel: +380564654312

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