About us

KMT International s.r.o. was founded on 13th May 2002 as a private limited company, from the very onset involves itself in activities – technical as well as commercial together with marketing of technological complex to refurbish worn / damaged tramway curves and railway frogs. KMT International s.r.o. headed by experienced technical and commercial personnel has also made a headway in the international market with wholesale of welding equipment and filler materials, co-operation in engineering productions and also as technical & economic consultants.

Following are the activities of KMT International s.r.o.:

  • mediation of business cases
  • wholesale
  • specialised retail sale
  • business management, financial, organisational & economic consultations
  • technical consultation in the fields of engineering, metallurgical, power & energy
  • intrepreter´s & translator´s activities and services